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MODEL PVH-45-9,5-35-CI

Elevation capacity: 45 tons.  

Measurements: length: 31.2 ft (9.5 m), width: 8.85 ft (2.7 m) 

Inclination: 35 degrees. Location of elevation cylinders: inside the pit. 

Elevation time: 1.5 minutes approximately.    

Structure: made of carbon steel totally welded, a platform comprises 4 longitudinal beams, cross and diagonal beams completely built in no. 27-IPE profiles, which guarantee high resistance to torsion flexibility.  

Floor: 1/4” (6.35 mm) antislip sheets. Carbon steel. 

Hydraulic power central: 31.7 gal/min- (120 l/min) -gears hydraulic pump  Brand: Venturi 

15 hp (1470 rpm) electric engine 

Oil capacity: 54.16 gal (205 l) – Type:  hydraulic 68

Two-way directional valves, two parts, double plunger effect, oil filter and oil level and thermometer. 

Control console: ignition key, contact-board light indicators, electric engine turn on and limit switch, emergency stop, circuit pressure indicator, shim drive levers and hoisting cylinders.

Hoisting cylinders: two single-action hydraulic cylinders, telescopic type, 3 stages. 

Unfoldable shims: hydraulic drive.

Total structure weight: 4.5 tons (4,500 kg)

Working voltage: 220/380 v-50 hz – 


- Guidelines to centre the vehicle on the hydraulic platform easily and accurately.

- Double unfoldable shims.