Flat base silos

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Reinforced Concrete Base

Features and accessories:
  • Galvanized Exterior Uprights.
  • Safety Rings.
  • Increased Safety and Resistance.
  • Aeration.
  • Sweeper thread.
  • Lateral Access.
  • Lateral Stairway.
  • Ceilings.
  • Side Grain Discharge.



Available Models


The data contained in the table are informative, the photos are merely illustrative. JMG® reserves the right to make changes without prior notice. 

Features and Benefits

The silos JMG® have galvanized internal and external uprights. The omega-shaped section with a stamping detail ensures that grain does not accumulate in the space between the upright and the ribbing of the galvanized sheet (internal uprights).

Those silos JMG® silos up to a capacity of 1200 Tn (Corn Base) can be supplied with galvanized external uprights. They are made of galvanized sheets of different thicknesses, according to the dimensions of the silo, and have a stamping detail to ensure a correct fixation to the silo sheet.

All silo models JMG® can be installed with a self-developed aeration system to maintain the ideal storage temperature, ensuring the quality of the grains, according to the expected silage time. This means additional security to the producer.

The silos JMG® are provided with access and inspection openings with internal door for product containment and external door for weather protection, the zero level doors also have an endless extraction spout. A platform is placed under the side opening for safe and easy access.

The roof of the silos JMG® have an inclination of 30° to avoid water accumulation and to produce an optimal filling, in the internal part of the roof there is a structure formed by folded sheet metal rafters. These are joined at one end to the uprights and at the other end to a ring beam by means of high resistance bolts, which are combined with reinforcement rings whose configuration makes it self-supporting, suitable to resist overloads such as walkways, wind action, conveyors, and the traction force produced in the thermometry cables.

All silos JMG® from the eighth row of galvanized sheet metal, they are linked to each other and to the uprights by means of high-strength bolts, thus obtaining greater safety and resistance in our products.

In addition, for greater rigidity, the silo models JMG® of larger capacities have safety rings on the inner or outer surface of the cylinder body. They are connected to the silo uprights.

The silos JMG® with flat bottom are available with automatic displacement sweeping thread to collect the cereal that remains on the sides of the silo, after emptying it by gravity.

The silos JMG® have an internal side ladder and an external ladder with a body guard, from two meters high, for greater safety of the operators. The ladder passes next to the side door and goes up to the roof.

As an option silos JMG® are equipped with side grain discharges by gravity, which allow energy savings, since they take advantage of the natural grain sliding for their operation, without compromising the silo's rigidity and safety.

These discharges can be provided with an assistance and operation platform, from which a rack and pinion flow regulator system is controlled. In addition, they can supply the load of a truck and/or to central distribution pumps.

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