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You know that at every stage of production you must minimize costs and increase product quality in order to be competitive. The rice drying process is an important stage, both to obtain grain quality and to reduce the cost of production. Rice dryers JMG® more than meet these conditions.
Technical specifications
  • Recyclic grain cleaning system: Innovative and specific cleaning equipment integrated to the dryer, with the purpose of eliminating impurities (husk, vain, sticks, etc.) contained in the grain. Specially designed to be inserted in the recirculation of grains during the drying process, achieving high efficiency in the separation of impurities.
  • Coarse or fine pollution control system.
  • Heat exchangers.
  • Biomass Furnaces
  • Integral Automation System.
Our technical-commercial department will advise you on grain conditioning and storage plants, achieving the most convenient installation of the equipment, providing location plans with their respective civil works.
Secadora de Arroz JMG
Polucion Gruesa JMG

Pollution Control System: has the function of capturing the elements and particles that are dragged by the drying air flow, thus preventing these particles (polluted air) from being released into the environment, preserving the air quality in working and adjacent areas. The system is divided into two parts according to the size of the particles it can retain:

  • Air scrubber (optional): located downstream of the fan, it has a low pressure drop that allows easy collection of impurities for subsequent bagging.
  • Dust particle separator by water curtain (optional): located at the outlet of the air scrubber, the dust is captured by spraying water in countercurrent, settles in the form of mud, which is then evacuated through the discharge outlet. The water used in this equipment is continuously recirculated in order to make an efficient use of it.

Fire Control System: developed to extinguish the beginning of fire, composed of galvanized pipes with sprinkler nozzles, strategically located throughout the drying cascade of the machine. Ask for more information.

Heat exchangers: indirectly heat the air supplied to the dryer, so that the grain is not contaminated by the combustion gases, thus avoiding undesired flavor in the rice. Ask for more information.

Available Models

Average moisture reduction from 24% to 14% (1.25% per hour) for rice type: Long fine (Pe: 600 Kg/m) - Impurities 2% - Maximum moisture difference 1.5% - Air conditions 50% RH. Observation: The data contained in the table are informative, the photos are merely illustrative. JMG® reserves the right to make changes without prior notice.

Features and Benefits

Dryer built in 95% galvanized sheet metal, using polyurethane paints ensuring higher quality and durability. Elevator 100% galvanized, without welds, totally bolted, with direct transmission by helical gear motor reducer in oil bath.

High efficiency in drying capacity without decreasing the percentage of whole grain.

High loading and unloading speed (35 minutes).

Anti-recoil brake on the elevator and safety valve that interrupts the flow of grain to the elevator in case of power failure.

Unique design of the drying cascade that does not require cleaning.

Exclusive design of the cascade allows obtaining high drying performance with low air temperatures (65°-70° C), thus reducing energy consumption. Upward vertical air inlet system and envelope around the entire perimeter of the drying cascade improves uniformity and reduces fuel consumption. Low electrical energy consumption per ton dried.

Designed for maximum versatility in furnace and elevator arrangement.

Automatic electronic control of hot air temperature for any type of fuel used.

They are built to be heated by firewood, natural or bottled gas, diesel oil, rice husks, sunflower, cotton, etc.

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