Cereal dryers

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You know that at every stage of production, costs must be reduced and product quality increased in order to be competitive in a globalized world; the grain drying process is an important stage, both to obtain product quality and to reduce production costs. Continuous flow dryers JMG® more than meet these conditions.
Pollution Control System
Cereal Dryers JMG® are equipped with an air purification system (optional) with low pressure drop that allows an easy collection of impurities for subsequent bagging, preserving the air quality in working and adjacent areas.
Our technical-commercial department will advise you on grain conditioning and storage plants, achieving the most convenient installation of the equipment, providing location plans with their respective civil works.
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Exclusive Design

Grain Circulation System: new and exclusive modular mixed drying system, the combination of the virtues of the trestle and column systems allows for maximum drying performance and perfect grain circulation, with low fuel consumption and excellent final grain quality.

Construction System: dryers JMG® are suitable for working outdoors, since they are 98% made of galvanized sheet metal, and special paints are used to guarantee higher quality and durability.

Hopper Tank: grain load level indicators (maximum-minimum) by means of capacitive sensors that translate the signal into an audible alarm.

Drying options: all dryers JMG® están provistas con un sistema de compuerta de fácil accionamiento en la cámara del quemador, permitiendo obtener diferentes puntos de operación de secado, donde el aire exterior permite o no enfriar el grano en proceso en el panel inferior de la torre de secado (todo calor, calor-frío y todo frío).

Electronic discharge dispenser: Grain unloading doser (tilting system) electronically controlled by means of a frequency inverter and driven by an oil-bath geared motor. This system has the possibility of manually adjusting the discharge height, depending on the type of grain to be dried, and its operation is simple and safe.


With grain dryers JMG®, you can efficiently dry all kinds of grains and seeds, such as corn, soybeans, wheat, sunflower, sorghum, rice, peanuts, etc. 

Alternative Heating Systems

Heat is generated by gas burners (LPG or natural gas) and gas oil burners. The temperature regulation can be done by on-off system, which interrupts only the main flame, leaving the pilot light on permanently. Optionally, the temperature can be controlled by means of a modulating system that controls the burner flame, adapting it to the preset temperature. It can also be heated by means of a wood oven, rice husks, wood chips (direct or indirect oven by means of heat exchangers), with the addition of an electronic modulating system to control the air temperature according to the preset temperature value.

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Available Models

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Average moisture reduction from 17% to 14% - Corn base (Pe 800 kg/m³) - Impurities 2% - Diff. Max. humidity 1.5% - Cond. Air Cond. 50% RH. Consult for other capacities. Observation: The data contained in the table are informative, the photos are merely illustrative. JMG® reserves the right to make changes without prior notice.

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