Pelletera press

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Built with a rigid frame to support the two electric motors, which supply the necessary mechanical power to the equipment. This transmission configuration provides better performance, such as better balance during operation and lower demands on the mass bearings. The structure is manufactured with SAE 1010 carbon steel plates and profiles.

Helical auger type feeder, built in AISI 304 stainless steel, driven by means of a helical gear train reducer in oil bath. Magnetic trap before the product enters the conditioner, to retain ferrous materials that may damage the equipment.

Double tubular type conditioner completely made of AISI 304 stainless steel with wide doors on its sides for cleaning, inspection and adjustment of the beater system. Hinged main door with quick closing system built entirely in stainless steel AISI 304 with support on siliconized weatherstrip.


Peletera 2
Peletera 3

Automatically operated overload opening gate. Forcer to facilitate the entry of the flours into the pelletizing chamber. Presser assembly with reinforcement ring for the matrix, grooved product conveyor and cutting blades with manual height adjustment system. The rolls of this system are grooved carbon steel. 

Main transmission composed of a shaft with pulley and V-belts, linked to the electric motors arranged on both sides of the press. First brand bearings (SKF). The main shaft has mechanical fuse and cutting sensors. 

Centralized lubrication system for rolls and main shaft with the equipment in operation, which can be manually operated or optionally automated.

PT-100 thermoresistance for sensing the temperature of the conditioned product before entering the matrix and as an option: automatic probe cleaning device.

Steam injection system consisting of a main manifold with automatic condensate drainage and outlets to injection points through independent valves.

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