Tipping platforms

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In fully welded carbon steel, it consists of 4 longitudinal beams, transverse and diagonal beams, integrally built in IPE N°27 profiles, guaranteeing high resistance to bending and torsion. It has hydraulically operated folding chocks. The floor is made of 1/4″ (6.35mm) non-skid plate made of carbon steel. The total weight of the structure is  4500kg and the working voltage is 220/380 V-50Hz.

Hydraulic Power Plant:

Hydraulic gear pump:

  • 120 Its/min - VENTURI brand.
  • 15 HP electric motor (1470pm).

Oil capacity:

  • 205 Its - Type: Hydraulic 68
  • Two-way directional valves, two bodies, double diver effect.
  • Oil filter.
  • Oil level and oil thermometer.
pvh jmg nueva 2
pvh jmg nueva
Command Console:

Contact key, contact-board light indicators, electric motor ignition and limit switch, emergency stop, circuit pressure indicator, shim operating levers and lifting cylinders.

Hoisting Cylinders:

Two single-acting, three-stage telescopic-type hydraulic cylinders.

  • Guides for precise and easy centering of the vehicle on the hydraulic tilting platform.
  • Double tights can be folded up.

Available Models


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